•   Current Status of Entire Work Force.
  •   Quick visualization of data.
  •   Play & Pause Employee Movement at defined Speed.
  •   Travel Distance for a specific date range
  •   Historical Location for a specific date range

App Features

  •   Punch attendance from mobile.
  •   2 Way message communications.
  •   User-friendly interface.
  •   Get daily assignment.
  •   Integrate with existing ERP.
  •   Offline mode with Data Storage.
  •   Get Directions using Google Maps on mobile.
  •   Add Places on map & mark with images.

Web Portal

  •   Instant & Real Time Report.
  •   Circulate information via smart messenger.
  •   Set target, measure & view on chart form.
  •   Instant work assignment with Custom Work Flow Template.
  •   Geo-fencing and related triggers.
  •   Alert configuration.
  •   View live locations of entire work force.
  •   View Marked Places on the MAP.
  •   Integrated with Google Maps.
  •   Accessible from any web-enabled device.

Distance Tracking

  •   Mark your Retailer, Distributor, Offices and Shops on MAP.
  •   Geo Fence on your Marker.
  •   Define Customizable Category.
  •   View Markers based on Category / State / City.

Live Location

  •   Real Time Tracking of Work Force Locations.
  •   Multiple days tracking on the map.
  •   Track movement remotely using web application.
  •   Replay movement (Between - Two Dates & Time).

Always On

  •   It continues to run even after the tracked phone reboots.
  •   Once the app starts, it runs quietly in the background and requires no human interaction.

Offline Tracking

  •   It resumes uploading when internet becomes available again
  •   Location data is uploaded to our secured server.
  •   When internet is temporarily unavailable, location data is cached in the Phone.