As a sales head

  •   Keep eye on your business from top to bottom on each and every activity.
  •   Track live location and path of team.
  •   Maintain daily activity as proof of journey in digital form.
  •   Set product target & assign it on daily , weekly and monthly basis
  •   Cost efficient data maintain process digitally.
  •   Set business target and assign to sales person on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  •   Record working hours from customer/location concerned.

As a sales person

  •   Import task from you manager, compile and submit.
  •   Circulate your manpower dynamically according to current requirement.
  •   Track live location and path of team.
  •   Create sales opportunity / report activity on it as it happens, from your phone,one easy operation.
  •   Mark attendance from field or remote area with real position
  •  Submit daily achievement & view FTD/MTD on your smart phone.
  •   Submit daily report to their respective team member.
  •  Get directions & plans dynamically.
  •  Update sales meetings and other activity.

As a service manager

  •   Track the utilization of your field personnel`s time & call response time, travel time, resolution time, out of office time, overtime etc.
  •   Assign/schedule service calls to service personnel calls optimally with the help of their real time location information.
  •   Get timely, accurate and valuable information on how efficiently your field team is deployed and improve on the same.
  •   Define the workflow to be followed by service personnel for call status reporting on the mobile.

As a service engineer

  •   Receive customer details / incidents on your mobile along with complete call history.
  •   Update status on query on the chase force and stop wasting time filling up manual daily activity reports.
  •   View customer locations on map and get driving directions to the same. Plan your travel time efficiently.
  •   Instantly capture customer feedback & signature for the service provided and generate bills.
  •   Attach files / photos of the meeting for offsite analysis.
  •   Raise Spare requests, track spare dispatch and utilization.